5 Best Biometric Gun Safes for Pistols

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Top 5 Biometric safes for your pistol

Number 1. MouTec Fingerprint, Keypad, and Key access safe

Biometric safe for a drawer
Biometric pistol safe
Biometric entry
Code entry
Key Entry
Biometric entry
Compact to fit in a drawerOnly holds one large pistol
or two small
Silent Mode, no beepsSilent mode not really silent
Short list of Pros and Cons of the Moutec pistol safe.

This small pistol safe is our top pick for a biometric gun safe . Because it has three ways to open, you will get to your gun one way or the other. The biometric scan holds multiple prints and the keypad holds multiple 4 or 8 digit codes. The key, which should never be stored in the safe, is back up if the batteries go dead. The finger scan is good for 1million + scans and the safe takes 4 AA batteries. It comes with batteries, but I would always get more, the ones supplied seem to have less life.

Mounting this safe

You can mount this safe in a drawer, or to the floor, there are holes drilled in the bottom. If you mount it in a drawer just be sure it is deep enough for the lid to lift when you open the drawer. The size of the safe is 13″ wide x 11″ deep x 3.3″ high. Yes, in a drawer the whole drawer could be removed, but remember the reason for this type of safe. You want access to your gun with safety for children, teens, or strangers in the house.

This is good for your everyday carry gun when it is not on you. I feel that my teens are good with guns. We taught our kids when they were younger, and their curiosity has been satisfied. But I do not know about their friends that could be over or any visiting young children.

Keep your pistol safe from kids, teens or strangers in the house.
Keep your pistol safe from kids, teens or strangers in the house.

Pros and Cons

I put Biometric entry as both a pro and a con. The reason is that I work with my hands, and cannot always open finger scans. But this safe has back up ways to open, like the 4 or 8 digit code, so it would be ok.

The size of the safe is also on both lists. This is because it would be best for one gun and a spare mag or two. It can hold two pistols without any attachments or extra mags, but maybe not larger pistols. You can have attachments on your pistol with this safe as the gun just rests on the foam. You could put in two safes if you need to for the price, or look at our larger option below.

Silent mode is a con as it stops all of the beeps, but it does not stop the latch noise or the bang the lid can make hitting the dresser as it is a sprung lid that pops up.

Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols, Quick Access Handgun Safe for Home, Fingerprint Hand Gun Safe Firearm Case Box

Quick Access Handgun Safe for Home, Fingerprint Hand Gun Safe Firearm Case Box - Upgraded Biometric/Keypad/Key Access, Silent Mode, Rugged Construction, Auto-Open Lid

Prices correct at the time of publishing
07/24/2024 07:35 pm GMT

Number 2. Travel Biometric Pistol Safe

Biometric pistol safe for one gun when traveling
Single Gun Safe. Great for traveling
Biometric Entry No Code Entry
Key for backup
Includes 3′ Locking Cable
Small Storage Area
11.8″x 7.8″x 2.2″
No silent mode
Short list of pros and cons on the RPBN Pistol Safe

Pros and Cons

This may be your number one choice if you stay over with friends and family a lot. Being that it is portable and can be resecured with the 3-foot long cable where ever you are. Good for airplane travel too, as you can cable the box to the frame of your suitcase. In case of extreme damage, it will stick with the suitcase frame.

If you are often staying over with the grandkids, you can quickly secure and hide this small safety box. The case has key and biometric entry only. A lot of the complaints about this box is the biometric setup. You can hold up to twenty prints, but it will open for anyone if you have not set it up correctly. Reading the included instructions helped most people get over this! A good idea is to enter several fingers several times and on both hands.

This case is on the smaller size and will only fit one gun. It is 11.8″x 7.8″x 2.2″. The lid is not sprung and the lock spring lifts it a small amount, you will have to lift the lid. This safe runs on 4 x AAA batteries. Get your own batteries as they do not come supplied.

Great when you travel
RPNB Gun Safe,California DOJ Certified,Smart Pistol Safe Quick Access with Biometric Fingerprint.

California DOJ Certified, Smart Pistol Safe Quick Access with Biometric Fingerprint, Handgun Safe for Nightstand, Security Firearm Safe with LED Light,11.8"x7.8"x2.2"

Prices correct at the time of publishing
07/24/2024 07:35 pm GMT

Number 3. Vertical Mount Biometric Gun Safe

Desk Pistol storage
Biometric Entry, Code Entry
Key Entry
Small for one gun only and no extra magazines
Small and vertical for easy hidingCan be difficult to change battery
Could be mounted in a vehicleThinner material and mounting plate
Low battery warningNo silent mode
Short list of pros and cons of the RPNB vertical pistol holder

Pros and Cons

This style of biometric gun storage will give you mounting options that are very different than a top opening type. This unit needs to be mounted as it is lightweight and small. The dimensions are 13.47″ tall by 3.3″ wide and 7.43″ deep.

A great feature is that it can be mounted from the left or right side and the top. That way you can mount it to your desk in the perfect place to reach your gun while in your chair. This could be modified for a vehicle or camper to have storage while you’re on the road. Depending on how concealed it is, it may be difficult to get to the 4 x AAA batteries. One of the cons is that it does not have a silent mode.

This is for one gun only, attachments may be aproblem, but the foam that holds the gun can be modified if need be. No space for extra magazines in this pistol storage unit. It has a 4 or 6 digit entry code. The key entry is the backup and the way to open this safe the first time. This has to be mounted vertically, it does not work sideways.

Dalmbox Mounted Fingerprint Gun Safe for Pistols, Auto Open Lid Biometric Pistol Safe, California DOJ Certified Quick Access Handgun Safe

Code entry or key as well as the biometric. Holds a single gun without accessories. No mag storage.

Prices correct at the time of publishing

Number 4. Multi Pistol Size Biometric Gun Safe

Biometric safe for multiple handguns
Biometric Entry
Code Entry
Key Entry
6 digit code, not 4 minimum
Easily holds 3 pistols hangingCan hold up to five pistols but it’s tight
Compact size 9″ H x 9″ W x 12″ DNeeds to be mounted
Silent ModeNo fire portection
Can be plugged in
Short pros and cons on the Stealth Multi-Pistol safe

Pros and Cons

This safe is for you if you have more than 2 pistols to store, and that you want quick access to. They advertise up to 5 pistols but two would have to lay on the floor and would not be quick access. Because it holds multiple guns it may have a gun inside when you are out and about. The fact it offers no fire protection may make you think about a full size safe.

The safe is compact at 9″ x 9″ x 12″ deep. At 20 pounds you need to use the supplied security cable or secure to the ground or shelf. One big thing to note is the pistols can not have accessories ontop as they hang from a shelf.

Some of the complaints is that this safe does not come with compehensive instructions. This video is very clear about how to work the safe and that you should set up the biometric part last.

One big bonus is that to power this safe you can plug it in with the supplied power jack. It will also run on a 9-volt battery that is on the inside. You need to supply a battery. Another nice feature is the red light that comes on when you open the safe and silent mode is very easy to activate. Do not set on silent until you have practiced entry.

The code entry is different than the others we have looked at because there are no numbers printed. Also, only a six-digit code can be entered, compared to a 4 digit minimum in the other code entries.

Easily holds 3 Pistols
Stealth Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Pistol Security Box CA DOJ Approved

Quick Access Fingerprint Pistol Security Box CA DOJ Approved. Three ways to enter, biometric, code and key, Silent mode, red light, batteries, or plug-in power. Made in America

Prices correct at the time of publishing
07/24/2024 07:35 pm GMT

Number 5. Rifle-sized Biometric Entry Gun Safe

Five rifle gun storage with biomertic entry
Biometric Entry
Code Entry
Key Entry
Takes 4 AA Batteries
Large Capacity for up to 5 Rifles
Clearance for rifles 50.5″ x 15.4″ x 8.8″. Pistol Lockbox : 15.4″x6.3″x8.7″.
Needs a larger space and not easily moved once in place
Stores Up to five rifles without scopes and one pistolOne Pistol storage
unless you add on door hanger
No Fire Protection
The pros and cons of a full size biometric safe

Pros and Cons

A rifle-sized biometric gun safe might be the right choice for you. If you have long guns in the house as well as pistols you need larger storage. If you already have a safe and it is the old-fashioned dial type, you may want to upgrade to biometric entry. I have had terrible luck opening dial type locks, I would have to practice a lot!. Entering a code is a great back up entry method to compliment the biometric entry.

Long Gun Storage
Biometric Rifle Gun Safe, Quick Access Fingerprint Long Gun Safe, 5-6 Gun

New and Improved Fingerprint Long Gun Safe for 5-7 Rifle Shotgun for Home, Quick Access Gun Storage Cabinet (with/Without Scope) with Handgun Lockbox. Silent Mode

Prices correct at the time of publishing
07/24/2024 07:39 pm GMT

This safe will hold up to 5 rifles. The overall size is 57″ tall, by 15.8″ wide and 11.8″ deep. Clearance for rifles is 50.5″ x 15.4″ x 8.8″. Lockbox Dimensions: 15.4″x 6.3″x 8.7″ and it holds one pistol. The best way to add more than one handgun storage is to get the door organizer. This way you can hang three more pistols in the door pockets.

Add on for Pistol Storage
Gun Safe Organizer, Rifle Safe Door Panel Organizer for Holding Pistols and Documents

This addon is for Holding Pistols and Documents, Compatible with BBRKIN Quicktec Langger KACSOO KAER Golval BARSKA Rifle Safe Etc

Prices correct at the time of publishing

This safe does not have a fire rating. It takes a much larger and much pricier gun safe to get fire protection. Check our article on Best Gun Safes for Pistols and Rifles under $500 We cover some more choices for entry and types of storage for both pistols and rifles in this article.

Best Biometric Safe for You

Once you have decided that you want to store your guns safely and you want to get to them fast, a biometric entry safe is for you! Now you need to look at the best place for you, where you work, where you sleep, or in your vehicle. Any place that you choose, make sure to check how easy it is to change the batteries.

You may want to try the safe in different places before you drill it in place. If you never want to drill in place, maybe you are renting, get a model with the security cable.

Biometric gun safes today take from 20 to 50 finger impressions. You should scan more than one of your fingers, so you have more than one back up. Also, practicing the code with your new safe is a must. Codes are 4, 6, or 8 digit combos, you can learn to forget about the numbers and practice the movements by placing a finger on each button.

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