How to Clean Shell Cases for Reloading

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Reloading is a good way to save money. It also allows you to customize the round that you are shooting. Getting started in reloading can be a little difficult, especially if you do not have anyone to show you how to do it. The purpose of this video is just to show you how we perform our reloading.

The focus of this video is primarily on how to clean shell cases for reloading operation. There is a lot to learn about setting up a reloading press. We will cover more of this process in another video. You can also read our article “How to get started in reloading your own ammo”, in this article I talk about the different machines and tools you need. I also go into detail about the components needed to reload a cartridge.

Case cleaning for reloading

I have been experimenting with different case cleaning methods for the last 30 years that I have been reloading. The method that I use now has changed significantly from when I started reloading. In this video, I show what I currently do to clean shell cases for reloading. I have tried many different types of cleaners and products over the years. All worked relatively well, at least I thought at the time.

By trying different methods, a little at a time, I was able to improve on the process. I judge improvement by a few standards.

  • First would be the time required to achieve a good result. I usually am looking for a shorter overall time investment. This includes my time loading in and unloading shells from the cleaner, and not just the run time of the machine
  • The overall cost to perform the clean. I look not just at the upfront cost but the ongoing costs. How much do I have to spend to keep the cleaning process going. Is the media re-usable or will it need frequent replacement?
  • How easy the process is. Do I have to use a complicated process or custom additives to get a good result? Or can I just drop in shells and forget about it

All of these make a difference to me and what equipment I choose to use.


This is just one part of the reloading process. You notice in the video that I did not go into detail on the press, the setup, or the load data. This is because all of these areas are specific to your caliber and cartridge requirements. Using the wrong components or mixing components can result in a dangerous cartridge. I highly recommend taking a course on to safely reload your own ammunition.

Be safe and shoot often

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