Best Rifle Scope Under 300 of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Having some kind of optical sighting device is very useful for firearm enthusiasts.

Aiming through a scope or a red dot makes eyeing your target a lot simple, enabling you to place a more precise shot.

That’s why a rifle scope is considered an essential gear in sport hunting and shooting.

If you’re looking for a good scope that fits your budget, this guide is for you.

We’ve rounded the top suggestions on the web right now to help you find the best rifle scope under 300.

Best Rifle Scope Under 300: A Review

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II

Rated as a bestseller on Amazon, the Vortex Crossfire II is undoubtedly one of the most popular budget rifle scopes with a good reputation.

Vortex is a widely known manufacturer of optical equipment for hunting, shooting sports, outdoor recreation, wildlife watching, and more.

It has been manufacturing high-quality scopes since 1986.

The company offers a complete line of products, from entry-level to long scopes.

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II series comes in many configurations, but for this review, we’ll focus on the 2-7X32.


Some of the features the Vortex Optics Crossfire II offers are:

  • Magnification

The Vortex rifle scope has a maximum magnification of 7x, which lets you clearly see your target within a range of up to 200 yards.

It’s an ideal range for hunting in closed landscapes, such as forests and mountains.

Meanwhile, the minimum magnification is 2x, excellent for target shooting or up to 100 yards.

As an entry-level scope, the Vortex Optics Crossfire II has a fixed power, so it only uses one magnification.

If you plan on shooting from only one distance, this scope fits the bill.

  • Objective Lens

Vortex Optics Crossfire II has an objective lens of 32 millimeters.

It features a long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box that allows you to get a clearer sight picture and acquire your target.

The lens of the Crossfire II is anti-reflective and fully multi-coated to reduce glare and increase image clarity.

It has a max elevation adjustment of 60 MOA.

The capped reset turrets can be adjusted using your fingers and come with MOA clicks that can be zeroed in easily after sighting.

  • Build Quality

The Crossfire II rifle scope is a single-piece tube constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum.

The O-ring is sealed and nitrogen-proofed to protect against water and fog.

Overall, the Crossfire II is a very durable scope, although it’s quite heavier compared to similar products from other brands.

The scope’s dimensions are 14 x 3 x 3 inches, while the weight is 1.4 pounds.

The scope also features a Dead-Hold BDC reticle that’s ideal for shooting or hunting at varying ranges where the estimating holdover is a concern.

BDC stands for Bullet Drop Compensation. It is a feature that helps compensate for the drop of the bullet as it travels specific distances.

Essentially, it makes shooting longer distances easier without having to do ballistic-based computations.


  • Clear, good magnification
  • Durable build
  • Reticle adjustment works
  • Fast focus
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not illuminated
  • Low image clarity in low light conditions
Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40 Rifle Scope, V-Brite Reticle
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2. Monstrum G3 6-24×50 FFP Rifle Scope

The Monstrum G3 rifle scope is slightly more expensive than the Vortex Crossfire II, but it features a higher magnification of 24x.

Given this, you can use the scope to aim a target within mid to long-distance ranges or up to 1,000 yards.

Monstrum Tactical is another trusted brand for tactical gear and accessories.

They have been providing quality low-priced gear since 2008.

Let’s see how the Monstrum G3 6-24×50 fairs against the other models in our list.


Some of the things you’ll expect from the Monstrum G3 scope are:

  • Magnification

This rifle scope boasts a magnification of 6-24x, which is well-suited for a longer range of target shooting games.

The lower end 6X is a bit much for hunting in enclosed spaces like forests but ideal for wider landscapes.

The G3 is a variable power scope which means it uses more than one magnification.

If you’re shooting from varying distances, this scope is a good option.

Moreover, the Monstrum G3 is an FFP rifle scope.

This means that the reticle is placed towards the front of the scope’s assembly and magnification lens.

In this type of scope, the reticle is in the front of the magnification lens.

You can perform tasks such as hold bullet adjustment and range estimation more easily than with Second Focal Plane (SFP) scopes.

The FFP reticle features red illumination for better visibility in low-light environments.

There’s also an illumination control knob that makes it easier for you to control the lighting.

  • Objective Lens

The Monstrum G3 scope has a 50mm adjustable objective lens that enables a sharper focus on your target.

This type of lens also eliminates parallax and allows for range estimation.

With an objective lens size of 50mm, the Monstrum scope has an advantage when it comes to shooting at long ranges.

In addition, it provides good exit pupil size for longer shots in low-light conditions.

As a result, you obtain improved image quality and greater resolution.

  • Build Quality

The Monstrum tactical rifle scope is made from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum that is anodized for added durability.

Like the Vortex model, it features anti-fog nitrogen-charged and weather-resistant seals, especially around the tube.

Meanwhile, the lens is multi-coated and made of optical quartz glass with an anodized finish to protect it from scratches.

Lastly, all the adjustment assemblies are made of metal.

Compared to the previous G3 models, the new version has adjustment assemblies that function a lot smoother.

Given these features, there’s no doubt that the Monstrum G3 FFP scope is a heavy-duty model.

It also comes with scope rings, flip-up lens covers, a honeycomb shade, and a battery.

However, this scope is on the heavy side as it weighs over two pounds.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Wide and long-range
  • Comes with 11 levels of illumination
  • Variable magnification
  • Super clear
  • Includes rings


  • Heavy
  • Not very user-friendly

3. Sniper MT 6-24×50 Rifle Scope

Specifically designed for hunting, this scope features easy adjustability, 6x to 24x magnification, a reliable three-color lighting system, and a 500-yard target accuracy.

Since adjusting the scope is extremely quick and easy, you can get into the perfect position to shoot.

This is very beneficial when hunting in a spot or when you need to aim quickly and accurately within a short time.


Sniper is a leading optics brand in Asia and has been around since 2001.

This particular scope offers the following:

  • Magnification

The Sniper MT has 6-24x magnification, a good range for hunting and long-range shooting of up to 500 yards.

It carries clarity quite well throughout the magnification range.

Such magnification level allows you to zoom in tight on your target so it’s easier to estimate where your shot will land.

While the resolution is a bit fuzzy at higher magnification settings, it’s still better than you would expect from most inexpensive scopes.

This scope is more usable at long ranges, ideally up to 300 yards.

  • Objective Lens

The Sniper MT scope features a 50mm multi-coated lens that protects against glare, reflection, water, and fog.

The Mil-Dot reticle is set up nicely and is designed in such a way that they capture enough light for accuracy.

It also features a lighting system in red, green, and blue colors.

This multi-color illumination helps you see clearly in high daylight conditions as well as low-light environments.

The illumination is powered by a single CR2032 battery, which comes included when you purchase the scope.

You can also adjust the parallax settings from 15 yards and beyond to enable accurate shooting at longer distances.

Unfortunately, the scope has a narrow field of view, at 15 inches but it’s more than adequate for precision shooting.

Unique to this rifle scope is the QTA (Quick Adjustment) turrets.

It’s a quick adjustment system that lets you quickly adjust your aim at the target within the shortest possible time.

This creates an excellent advantage in playing hunting sports or similar activities.

Since it’s meant for hunting, the scope features a strong Cardan joint platform that is flexible enough to provide better comfort as you hold it for a longer time.

The flexible joint also enables you to mount the scope to your rifle and adjust accordingly.

  • Build Quality

Like the other products featured in this guide, the Sniper MT rifle scope is made with quality materials.

The chassis is made from T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, while the rest of the body is constructed with a single piece of premium Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.

The Sniper MT 6-24×50 scope is rugged enough to withstand a recoil of a 0.50 caliber BMG rifle.

In addition to the multi-coated optics, the scope also features nitrogen-filled barrel and sealed O-ring lenses that make it shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof.

With its rugged built, the Sniper MT rifle scope is capable of withstanding any accidental shock.


  • Lightweight and weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Quick adjustment system
  • Great accuracy within 500-yard shooting range
  • Fits tightly on a rifle


  • Narrow field of view
  • Image clarity blurs at the highest settings
  • Included rings won’t stay tightened or may be too small for some rifles
SNIPER MT 6-24×50 Rifle Scope with Red/Green/Blue Illuminated Reticle Riflescope
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4. Burris Fullfield E1 Hunting Rifle Scope

Another hunting scope that made it to our list is the Burris Fullfield E1.

It stands out for its wider field of view, side-adjusting parallax focus, and Long Range MOA reticle for clarity and precision.

In addition, this scope delivers long-range accuracy through its trajectory-compensating feature of up to 700 yards.

Plus, the cascading dots help you easily adjust for wind.

Burris Optics manufactures most of its rifle scopes in the USA, although they also make some models in Asia, specifically in Japan, China, and the Philippines.

Regardless of the country of manufacture, Burris Optics scopes are known for their quality lenses and exceptional light transmission.

What’s more, their products are competitively priced.


The Burris Fullfield E1 Hunting Rifle Scope has a lot to offer, including:

  • Magnification

This hunting and tactical rifle scope is an SFP type with a maximum magnification of 14x and minimum magnification of 3x.

It works really great to a distance of 200 to 300 yards, although you will still be able to get a clear view at 500 yards.

Beyond this point, the scope may not provide clarity and precision anymore.

This model of Fullfield E1 keeps a small lower-end magnification of 4.5x.

Nonetheless, it’s compensated with a wider field of view.

  • Objective Lens

This rifle scope features a 42mm lens which provides a lower mounting profile than a 50mm lens.

It also offers a good exit pupil size for close to mid-range hunting, as well as in low-light conditions.

While a 50mm lens provides better resolution and image quality, you’re better off with a 42mm if you prefer a lightweight and more compact scope.

Over the years, 30 to 40mm scopes have grown into popularity because they provide more range for reticle adjustment.

The smaller size also allows better accessibility for your other hunting accessories, such as gun scabbards.

Furthermore, the Burris scope features a Ballistic Plax E1 reticle, which helps determine holdover at a distance and hold-offs for wind drift.

Since it’s more accurate than guessing hold-off, this type of reticle is more reassuring for most shooters than using target-type adjustments.

This propriety reticle technology of Burris features hash marks on the lower vertical crosshair, which are calibrated for dead-on distances, aiming from 100 to 500 yards.

In addition, it has cascading dots that help you adjust for the wind, representing a hold-off for a 10 mph crosswind.

The scope also features an ergonomic side focus that enables quick and easy parallax adjustment from 50 yards to infinity.

  • Build Quality

This rifle scope has dimensions of 14.9 x 3 x 3 inches and weighs 1.7 pounds.

It’s made with alloy steel which is touted for its toughness, hardness, and corrosion resistance.

It offers resilience against frequent field use, heavy recoil, and harsh vibration.

Like all other Burris scopes, the E1 Fullfield model is backed by the company’s lifetime warranty.


  • Easy to adjust and zero in
  • Lightweight
  • Wider field of view
  • Gathers light well
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Non-illuminating
  • Doesn’t come with covers

5. TRUGLO TRU-Brite 30 Series 1-6 X 24 Rifle Scope

This illuminated rifle scope includes a reversible, offset monolithic scope mount.

It also features a generous four-inch eye relief, a quick-zoom lever, and BDC turrets that are pre-calibrated.

TRUGLO is well-known for its fiber optic sights but also made a big success in the rifle scope business.

The company has been around for 13 years.


The features that you’ll expect from this scope are:

  • Magnification

The TRUGLO TRU-Brite 30 Series features a 30mm tube and 1-6X magnification.

With this magnification, your target standing at 200 yards will appear like it’s just a bit over 30 yards away.

The TRUGLO TRU-Brite is a fixed power scope that offers a sharper, brighter view that allows you to pin your target closely.

Unlike a variable scope, all the settings are done for you, so you won’t have to make any adjustments to the parallax or magnification.

However, do note that for shorter-distance shooting, a fixed power scope might be too powerful.

  • Objective Lens

This scope has a 20mm objective lens with rheostat control, allowing you to adjust the brightness depending on the conditions.

Thus, if it’s a bit dark, you can tune it up to get more light, or if it’s too bright, you can adjust accordingly.

Another thing, the TRUGLO Tru-Brite features a dual-color illuminated reticle in red and green.

Still, you can use the glass-etched reticle without illumination.

The MIL-dot reticle is calibrated at 6x magnification, enabling the user to determine your target’s distance.

This feature also ensures wind drift aiming references and quick trajectory.

Also, the lens is fully coated and offers a good level of brightness and contrast.

It also comes with leaf-spring click adjustments for windage and elevation.

It’s a great zero-holding budget scope that provides a high level of clarity.

The reticle adjustments seem crisp and precise as well.

  • Build Quality

This scope is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

Like the other products featured above, the tube is thoroughly sealed, waterproof, and nitrogen gas-filled.

It’s also resistant to shock caused by recoils.

The scope comes with a CNC-machined mount as well as reversible 30mm scope rings.

Overall, it’s a very durable scope but is on the heavy side.

It weighs 2.20 pounds or one kilogram, so be ready to add some weight to your rifle.


  • Durable
  • Dual-colored illuminating reticle
  • Zero-holding scope
  • Wide field of view
  • Plausible clarity


  • Could not mount a scope with proper eye relief position using the included mount
  • Quite heavy

Which Among the Choices Should You Purchase?

If you’re after quality and functionality, but not ready to pony up big bucks for premium optics, you should snag one of these entry-level rifle scopes.

They make a great starter scope for someone getting into hunting or shooting.

We consider the Monstrum G3 6-24×50 the best rifle scope under 300 given its high magnification, illumination control, and solid build.

If you want even cheaper yet reliable optics, consider Vortex Crossfire II

This well-made scope is backed with a lifetime warranty and is ideal for both hunting and sport shooting.

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