Simmons 22 Mag 4×32 Rifle Scope Review

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There’s no denying that a decent rimfire rifle is a reliable hunting companion, especially if you’re into recreational hunting.

The ideal caliber for beginners is the .22, which has a set of features that are easy to use and a lower kickback.

As you probably already know, any rifle, including the .22, will benefit from a quality scope.

A good scope will increase your accuracy and let you devote more attention and focus on pinpointing the target.

If you’re not sure which optics to use, our Simmons 22 Mag 4×32 rifle scope review might be helpful.

About Simmons

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Since 1983, Simmons has provided exceptional optical experience and undeniable craftsmanship to hunters and athletes.

To this day, the brand remains one of the leaders in manufacturing high-quality rifle scopes and other optical accessories.

In fact, Simmons rifle scopes have not only a reputation for providing pinpoint accuracy but also cutting-edge features and exceptional performance.

Unlike lower-end options, they are also known to deliver a longer service life.

As of this time, Simmons is part of the Vista Outdoor brand umbrella.

Simmons .22 Mag Riflescopes

Simmons is a prolific maker of .22 Mag series rifle scopes, which contributes to the brand’s popularity in North America.

As mentioned, these scopes are intricately built to provide a long service life.

Some of its most-praised trademarks include one-inch tubes, one-quarter-MOA adjustments, and completely coated lenses.

Simmons scopes are widely available for virtually every target and hunting activity.

One of the brand’s highly-popular releases under this series is the .22 MAG 4×32 Rifle Scope.

Simmons 22 Mag 4×32 Rifle Scope Review

Simmons has created a name for itself as a manufacturer of budget-friendly scopes with excellent features, materials, and overall quality.

Some extremely low-cost Simmons riflescopes could compete with more expensive models and assist you in achieving the shooting precision you always wanted.

Regardless if you are a beginner or you’ve been hunting for a while, you will find the Simmons 22 Mag 4X32 an excellent addition to your arsenal.

Who Is This Product For?

Because of their price, rifle scopes are often seen as high-end, high-value items.

That said, if you’re going to invest more than a few bucks on a scope, you might as well find one that offers everything you need.

Fortunately, with the Simmons .22 Mag 4X32 Rifle Scope, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good-quality piece.

It won’t be as exceptional as units that cost north of a thousand bucks, but it is just as effective at getting the job done.

In general, you will find that Simmons scopes have intuitive adjustments, superb lenses, and impressive durability.

Since you’d get all of that without spending too much, it’s understandable why many enthusiasts have a soft spot for Simmons.

All in all, the Simmons .22 Mag 4X32 Rifle Scope is for those who want a reasonably-priced unit that gets the job done.

Overview of the Features

The Simmons .22 Mag 4X32 boasts impressive qualities for various applications.

It may not be as prestigious as higher-end rifle scopes, but it does have excellent features to help you shoot more accurately.

To help you decide if this is something you want in your arsenal, here are its most sought-after features:

  •   QTA™ Eyepiece

Simmons has developed a patented QTA (Quick Target Acquisition) eyepiece for this rifle scope.

To hint at what QTA is about, it relates to hitting a target at longer distances.

Obviously, if you want to shoot a target within 50 yards or more, you must pinpoint it in the shortest possible time.

Before it changes positions or moves to another location, your aim should be true to the target.

As you can imagine, a lot of factors will come into play, such as weather, terrain, size, and the behavior of the target.

Whether you are engaging a varmint or a large creature, you should always consider these factors.

A .22 rifle may not be ideal when engaging long-distance targets, so having the QTA feature on the eyepiece is critical.

Compared to a conventional eyepiece, the QTA has a bigger optical sweet spot and excellent in-focus vision.

As such, when behind the scope, you will be able to have more multi-directional movement.

Thanks to this, you’d be able to detect and lock in the target faster and shoot more accurately, regardless if you’re shooting uphill or from an awkward position.

Also, longer eye relief is necessary when using contemporary, heavier loads with higher recoil.

The QTA eyepiece eliminates this issue by maintaining a consistent eye relief of four inches or more across the whole power range.

That’s in contrast to other scopes, which shrink the eye relief as the power increases.

  • SureGrip™

Many Simmons scopes, including this .22 MAG 4×32, feature the SureGrip™ rubber on various surfaces.

Coverage includes elevation and windage caps, eyepiece diopter adjustments, power change rings, and side parallax adjustments knobs.

Because of this material, altering the settings to your preference becomes quicker and almost effortless, even while wearing wet or cold gloves.

  • Fully-Coated Optics

The Simmons .22 MAG 4×32 Rifle Scope features fully-coated optics.

Fully coated means both sides of the objective lens, both sides of the ocular lens system, and the long side of the prism are coated.

In general, all sides of the lenses for standard scopes have at least one layer of coating.

Optical coatings are important because they decrease internal light loss and glare while ensuring equal light transmission.

As a result, you will get sharper images with better contrast.

Without coatings, each lens can lose up to five percent of the light that passes through it.

In other words, multi-coated lenses could minimize light loss.

To give a bit of perspective, a lousy optic with no coating may waste up to thirty-five percent of the light entering the objective lens.

On the contrary, a high-end design with coating may lose less than five percent.

Light bouncing about the interior of the optic washes away detail and softens colors; therefore, coatings increase picture quality.

  • Truplex Reticle

Simmons labels the duplex reticle as the Truplex, which is used on the .22 MAG 4×32 Rifle Scope.

The duplex reticle is an updated version of the classic crosshair design.

It features a similar cross-shaped pattern as the original, but it has thicker lines just before it gets near the center.

Around the center, the lines are prominently thin.

This design choice is helpful because it directs your gaze to the scope’s center much easier, allowing for faster and more efficient aiming of your target.

Many would attest that it is better suited in engaging moving targets.

Truplex reticles are relatively simple to learn and use, and they are mostly compatible with any caliber.

Overall, it is fair to assume that this reticle is suitable for most kinds of shooting.


  • Cost-efficient scope
  • Delivers consistent accuracy
  • Easy to install
  • Great magnification function
  • Ideal for all kinds of shooting


  • Appearance may not be as pictured
  • The scope might be too long for some models

How To Mount the Simmons .22 Mag 4X32 Rifle Scope

If you are not confident in your knowledge to properly mount the Simmons .22 MAG 4×32 Rifle Scope on your rifle, we’ve got you covered.

With all of the necessary information on calibers, firing, and optics, you also want to be particular about doing the installation correctly.

Anyone can install this scope from Simmons correctly with a few tools, some effort, and attention to detail.

To give you an idea, here’s what you will need to do:

Step 1: Confirm the Scope Rings and Mounting Gear Are Correct

The first step is to confirm the mounting system you choose is the correct fit for your rifle.

Scope rings should also match the corresponding diameter and height of the base.

Particular varieties of scope rings are only compatible with certain types of scope bases, so be sure the components are compatible.

Also, keep in mind that scope rings can come at a variety of heights.

Step 2: Prepare Your Tools

For the base and rings, slotted screws are often used in several mounting systems.

Others will have Allen-head screws, while some will have Torx-head screws.

You will also find scopes having huge nuts that require the use of a socket.

Step 3: Safety First

When mounting the Simmons .22 MAG 4×32 Rifle Scope to your firearm, you will want to make sure your rifle is empty.

Check that the bolt is not attached and that the barrel is not pointed at anyone or anything of value.

We also suggest that the rifle is in a gun cradle or gun vice for additional safety.

Before mounting, you should also consider applying a degreasing solution on rings, base, screws, and holes to remove oil and grease residuals.

Step 4: Mount the Scope Base

After following all the suggested preparations, it is time to attach your scope base to the rifle’s receiver.

Start by steadily aligning the scope bases with the receiver’s mounting holes. Then, tighten each base screws.

Of course, there should also be enough room at the eyepiece for the bolt.

Keep in mind that you must only tighten the screws as specified in the instructions.

Step 5: Lock the Rings to the Base

Attach the rings to the scope bases once they are all secured in place. Then, tighten the screws according to the assembly instructions.

When the scope rings are securely mounted, you can proceed by removing the top half of the rings and storing them in a safe location.

Step 6: Calibrate the Position of the Scope

Next, adjust the Simmons 22 Mag 4×32 Rifle Scope in multiple directions until you have a completely clear image while in a preferable firing stance.

The goal is that there should be no blurry, dark ring around the edge of your vision.

To accomplish this correctly, do a standard firing position and lay your head upon the rifle’s stock with your eyes closed to achieve a comfortable stance.

After settling into a good posture, open your eyes to confirm if your scope is appropriately positioned.

Repeat this step until you see a clear image.

Many gun enthusiasts, especially the amateurs, will adjust their heads to see well through the scope rather than the other way around.

As you can imagine, doing this often leads to less-than-ideal shooting performance as well as a weary neck or shoulders.

Step 7: Level the Scope Reticle

Put the rifle in the gun vice or cradle after adjusting the scope for optimal eye relief.

Whichever scope level you use, you will want to mount it to the receiver.

Then, place the scope level on the top part of the scope and calibrate it until you confirm that everything is lined up correctly.

If the rifle and scope are both level, the reticle of the Simmons .22 Mag 4×32 Rifle Scope will be as well.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Tighten all screws until they are snug while keeping the rifle and scope level.

You also need to confirm that the distance between the ring halves of both rings remains the same while tightening the screws.

Be careful not to overtighten the rings screws, as this action can irreversibly damage the scope tube.

Instead, maintain the same energy you have when you mount the bases and rings.

After tightening the screws, double-check that the scope is still level and that the eye relief is correct.

Once everything fits the way it should, you’ll know you have finished mounting the Simmons .22 MAG 4×32 Rifle Scope.

Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope (4X32, Matte) with Rings

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Updated choice at Optics Planet.

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07/24/2024 07:12 pm GMT


Our Simmons 22 Mag 4X32 rifle scope review might have had you convinced to pick it over other models.

That said, it wouldn’t hurt to look at other options, such as the Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7X35 Rimfire Scope.

Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7X35 Rimfire Scope

As an addition to the Crossfire II series, this scope is ideal for close-range usage on .22 rimfire, muzzleloaders, and shotguns.

In fact, it has some notable aspects that the Simmons .22 Mag 4X32 scope may struggle to compete against.

Here are the features you’d be able to take advantage of if you get this Vortex Optics scope:

  • Enhanced Precision

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 boasts the Precision Glide Erector System.

This system ensures that switching between the scope’s magnification settings is always seamless and consistent.

It makes use of high-quality components on its zooming lens to ensure that every magnification adjustment occurs whenever you desire.

While adjusting the magnification, you will notice that there is little to no sign of slowing down or jamming in the image.

  • Argon Purged

One of the qualities of a good scope is that it must be useable in most weather situations.

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 uses argon purging to protect its systems from the elements.

As you may know, argon purging is a more expensive way of fog proofing and waterproofing than nitrogen purging.

Because argon molecules are bigger than nitrogen molecules, they are less likely to seep past the O-ring seals.

It is generally regarded as a very effective water- and fog-proofing procedure.

  • V-Plex Reticle

The V-Plex is similar to the Truplex, an MOA-based reticle that is Vortex Optics’ take on the classic duplex reticle.

You will find that it has broader and darker horizontal and vertical lines that thin to a finer sequence.

The difference is that the thin lines are much shorter than the duplex reticle.

Like the Truplex Reticle, the V-Plex is an excellent all-around reticle for the majority of hunting and shooting activities.

Is the Simmons .22 Mag 4X32 Worth It?

Are you looking for an entry-level, budget-friendly optical equipment for your rifle?

If so, you can’t go wrong with the Simmons .22 Mag 4X32 Rifle Scope.

While this scope may not have the bells and whistles of other models, its features can still provide you with excellent performance.

Plus, it doesn’t break the bank, so it can easily be the ideal choice for beginners and budget-conscious individuals.

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