What Rifle Scopes Are Made in the USA?

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When it comes to the quality of your rifle scope, many find it crucial to look for one made in the USA.

Some think that foreign-made rifle scopes may not be up to par with ones made in the United States.

And that’s understandable, as some foreign brands use cheap materials that aren’t reliable.

Reliability is very important when it comes to aiming at your target properly.

The last thing you want to do is have your aim off and miss your target.

If you don’t know where to start looking. We will give you a list of what rifle scopes are made in the USA.

Are There 100% USA-Sourced Riflescopes?

The answer to that is both yes and no.

While some companies have 100% American-sourced materials, they usually offer limited models only.

Additionally, 100% sourced scopes are generally custom-made and will take a while to deliver.

Compared to mass-produced ones, they are also a lot more expensive.

If you know where to look, you’ll realize that there are many American-made riflescopes on the market.

Some of the benefits of using parts made offshore are, cheaper production costs, and greater production volume.

On top of that, many of the components are then created using industrial machinery rather than custom methods.

What Rifle Scopes Are Made in the USA?

American-made rifle scopes may be a bit more challenging to find, but they do exist.

We have seen a handful of U.S. brands that use components crafted in the States.

Still, some companies do source some of their materials from other countries.

That being said, we’ve done our best to find brands that source components here in America.

1. Trijicon

Founded in 1986 in Detroit Michigan, Trijicon manufactures some of the highest quality rifle scopes found on the market today.

It aims to continue to create rifle accessories for many more years, including sights for tactical firearms and sporting.

Trijicon scopes as a standard issue item.

Top-rated Trijicon scopes you’ll find available on the market today and made in the USA:

ACOG Riflescopes

The ACOG, (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight). This riflescope is designed for engaging targets at short and medium distances.

The ACOG is a mass-produced sight. Currently used by the US. Marine Corps and U.S. Special Operations Forces.

The scope is intended to provide increased hit potential in all lighting conditions.

VCOG Riflescopes

The VCOG (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight). This is a powerful riflescope designed with an LED-illuminated first-focal-plane reticle.

It is made to be highly durable and includes features such as superior glass quality.

This makes it ideal for hunting, law enforcement, sport, and military use.

Other specifications include a high magnification range that is ideal for long-distance shooting.

AccuPoint Riflescopes

The AccuPoint is designed with battery-free illumination that’s suitable for hunters or military use.

It’s lightweight, and can be used in any light condition, and has pinpoint accuracy.

Other benefits of this model include its fiber-optic illumination system and auto-adjust brightness.

Overall, it is a solid unit made for the harshest environments.

list of what rifle scopes are made in the usa

2. U.S. Optics

U.S. Optics is an American-made riflescope manufacturer that has been designing custom-made scopes since 1991.

It focuses on crafting highly durable and functional scopes that are ahead of their counterparts.

For instance, U.S. Optics’ commercial COTS is ideal for hunting, military, and competitive shooting.

Each scope is handcrafted by a skilled technician and is rigorously tested before shipping.

TS Series

The TS Series features a collection of scopes designed for extreme hunting conditions.

Most of the models in this collection boast wide ranges that allow you to dial down the power for up-close shots, as well.

Foundation Series

The Foundation Series Scopes, designed for professional precision shooters.

Each model includes a reengineered optical systems that helps provide a sharp image resolution.

Aside from that, they also have a durable aluminum body with a low-profile design.

The scopes in this collection are ergonomically capped and feature integrated illumination for low light shooting.

3. Leupold

Leupold crafts a wide range of scopes along with other essential firearm apparel and gear.

Their scopes are compatible with the most common rifles, shotguns, handguns, and even crossbows.

Overall, this company is one of the better American ones. It specializes in a wide variety of firearm accessories and is a long term manufacturer.

SX Series

The SX Series of scopes are designed to deliver a rugged performance that lasts all day.

You can expect them to perform well in any lighting and provide a clear image, rain or shine.

This series includes a rotatable eyepiece that provides the user with multiple viewing options.

Lastly, it features glare reduction and provides clarity no matter the conditions or weather.

Gold Ring Series

The Gold Ring Series consist of super-compact riflescopes that perform as well as regular larger models.

They feature a carbon fiber construction that keeps the scopes lightweight and portable but still durable.

We’re sure you will also appreciate that they include a multicoated lens system for clarity in most conditions.

Mark 4 Series

The Mark 4 Series is made up of scopes designed to give you optimal brightness and clarity.

You will find that they are ideal for military use and hunting.

Aside from that, they have a strong exterior that can resist shocks, blows, and impacts.

These scopes are waterproof and fog-proof, making them ideal for any outdoor environment.

4. DZ Arms

Another top American riflescope distributor is D.Z. Arms, which delivers high-quality firearms and accessories.

Its scopes rate as some of the best. Produced by experienced expert-level craftsman.

Additionally, many of its accessories are custom-made, so they can take a while to be made.

DZ Arms Custom Made

DZ Arms only crafts custom-made scopes for their clients.

Unlike its counterparts, it doesn’t offer scopes in “series.” However, it does have a baseline design for most of its scopes.

Here are a few details about DZ Arms’ NRA-approved Malcolm Style 8 Power Scope.

For one, you will notice that it has tungsten wire cross-hairs, which help give you improved aiming.

Aside from that, it is 20 inches in length and features custom shooting ranges and magnification.

The front is 0.175 inches tall, and the rear is 0.325 inches. Although, you will need to purchase a mount separately.

5. Montana Vintage Arms

The Montana Vintage Arms focuses on crafting repeatable metallic sights and scopes.

All crafted scopes use CNC and EDM technology to keep up to standards.

Aside from that, all their scopes are designed to mimic firearms made 100 years ago. However, they have modern-day advancements built in.

The MVA Scope Series

The MVA Scope Series is suitable for hunting with its scopes’ rugged design.

This particular model is available in three, four-, and five-times magnification levels.

You will also find that the scopes mimic past scopes from 100 years ago, except modern optics.

They also include a grasshopper spring that provides that traditional look and feel.

The New “A” Scope Series

The New A Scope Series includes riflescopes with eight and 10x power.

There are also three new mount configurations offered with the scope.

The latest version consists of an adjustable front and rear mount. This allows shooting at both short- and long-range distances.


Hopefully now have an idea what rifle scopes are made in the USA?

As you can see, there are plenty of American-made riflescopes on the market.

While a majority of them do require pre-ordering due to being custom-made. Others are already available for purchase.

That being said, out of the brands we mentioned, we’d highly recommend Trijicon and U.S. Optics because they are long-standing companies.

They have already figured out how to craft some superior and durable scopes that are suitable for almost any type of shooting.

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