Best Soft Case For Your AR 15. Reviews & Comparisons.

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The AR-15 rifle has become one of the most popular and sought-after firearms in the United States.

Carrying one around will definitely turn some heads and induce some frowns.

With the restrictions surrounding its public ownership, an AR-15 will need a case every time you bring it out to a shooting range or on a hunting trip.

For those who hate heavy and bulky hard cases, the best AR 15 soft case is the perfect solution.

We have handpicked five exceptional quality gun bags suitable for your AR-15.

Check them out and choose one that’s best for you.

Best AR 15 Soft Case Reviews

  1. DULCE DOM 36 inch Double Rifle Case Soft Bag Gun Case
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    Prices correct at the time of publishing

    07/24/2024 07:07 pm GMT
  2. HUNTSEN Soft Double Shotgun Rifle Case 38” 42” 44” 46" 52" Long Gun Bag
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    Prices correct at the time of publishing

    07/24/2024 07:11 pm GMT
  3. Tacticon Double Rifle Bag | 2 Rifles + 2 Pistols, 36" x 12" Double Rifle Case...
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    Prices correct at the time of publishing

    07/24/2024 07:11 pm GMT
  4. M&P by Smith & Wesson Duty Series Gun Case
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    Prices correct at the time of publishing

    02/18/2024 06:51 am GMT

1. Savior Equipment American Classic Dark M81 Double Rifle Case

The Savior Equipment American Classic Double Rifle Case has proven to be one of the best-selling gun cases for long firearms.

It features a dark M81 camouflage fabric, making it the best option for bringing your rifle out on hunting trips.

However, you can also find it in plain colors, including flat dark earth tan, obsidian black, olive drab green, and SW gray.

It is available in five different sizes, from the shortest 36-inch standard to the longest 55-inch version for long-range rifles.

Product Highlights

The primary materials on this rifle case are heavy-duty industrial-grade 600D 64T polyester and PVC.

The good thing about this is that it offers one of the highest tear strengths, a bit higher than the tear strength of 1050D Cordura or ballistic nylon.

Do not mistake this for 600D polyurethane, though, as it only has half the strength.

This bag has space for two rifles. Each of the firearms will have full padding, secure straps, and lockable zippers.

The handles and backpack straps make the case a convertible bag, where the case opens fully to double as a shooting mat.

The case has large padded sleeves outside the main rifle compartment that can fit two pistols and all of your other accessories.

In addition to the padded sleeves, there are three ammo and accessory pockets and two zippered pockets.

The Good

Among the options, this version of the Savior Equipment American Classic is the only one with a camouflage print.

For those not familiar with M81, it is the standard woodland pattern for camouflaged uniforms of all US military branches starting in 1981.

It is 1.6 times larger than the Post-Vietnam War ERDL pattern.

The darker M81 pattern of this rifle case can help you prevent detection from your targets in woodland bushes.

The Bad

While the camouflage print provides you with enough cover to avoid detection, it easily gives off the case’s contents while you carry it around.

You might want to consider other plain-colored versions or products if you want a more subtle look on a portable gun case.


  • High-strength fabric and paracord zippers
  • Standard camo print
  • Ultra-spacious design
  • With a locking mechanism
  • With MOLLE straps for additional pouches
  • Comes with an unquestioned lifetime warranty


  • Camo print gives off its contents
  • May be too large for a single rifle

2. Dulce Dom 36-Inch Black Double Rifle Case

If you need something that looks simpler, you might want to go for the plain-colored Dulce Dom 36-inch Double Rifle Case.

It is excellent for all-around indoor and outdoor use and makes rifle transportation more comfortable than when using hard cases.

It is available in four different colors: black, green, khaki, and tan.

Product Highlights

The Double Dom Double Rifle Case has internal dimensions of 36 by 12 inches, and it uses 600D nylon as its primary material.

The interior lining comprises full-panel padding, which is enough to provide all-around protection for your firearms.

The Dulce Dom is very similar to the Savior Equipment American Classic.

It has space for two rifles and a large padded sleeve for two pistols. What’s more, it doubles as a backpack and opens fully to function as a shooting mat.

You can use it as ground padding whenever you are in a sitting, kneeling, or prone firing position.

Lastly, you will find three ammo and accessory pockets lining the exterior of the large padded sleeve.

The Good

We like that the Dulce Dom Rifle Case is resistant to water splashes and dust.

It offers exceptional protection in the harshest environments so that you wouldn’t have to worry about getting your gear wet and dirty.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the Dulce Dom Rifle Case only comes in a one-size-fits-all design.

We’re also not quite sure how longer rifles would fit in it.


  • Resists dust and moisture
  • Spacious compartments
  • With wrap-around straps
  • Tuckable backpack straps
  • With a 45-day return and full refund policy


  • No options for other sizes
  • Only in plain colors
DULCE DOM 36 inch Double Rifle Case Soft Bag Gun Case
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Prices correct at the time of publishing
07/24/2024 07:07 pm GMT

3. HUNTSEN 38-Inch Black Double Rifle Bag

While the first two products are large-sized and capable of holding almost any gear you have, the HUNTSEN 38-Inch Double Rifle Bag is a bit more laid-back.

Instead of a bulky rectangular form, the HUNTSEN Double Rifle Bag is slimmer, and it curves to the tip where your rifle muzzle goes.

Also, you wouldn’t find it in any color other than plain black.

Product Highlights

This HUNTSEN Double Rifle Bag can hold two long rifles up to 38 inches long.

However, you can have it in longer variations of 42 and 44 inches.

Since it has a slimmer build, it doesn’t have backpack straps.

Instead, you’ll find a central handle and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Additional compartments include three magazine pouches and one large zipper pocket.

The Good

The good thing about this rifle case is its smaller and more manageable size.

While it doesn’t offer large compartments for bulky accessories, it has enough space for any casual hunting trip.

The Bad

We don’t like that the HUNTSEN 38-Inch Double Rifle Bag is not so discreet about a bearer carrying a gun.

Other bags are more obvious gun cases, but the slight tapering of this bag towards the end easily gives off its contents as a long firearm.


  • Slim and lightweight
  • Great for long walks and casual hunting trips
  • With MOLLE loops for additional bags
  • Two-way lockable zippers


  • May not fit an AR-15 with a large scope and gun clip
  • Better for smaller caliber long-range hunting rifles
  • Not enough space for additional pistols
HUNTSEN Soft Double Shotgun Rifle Case 38” 42” 44” 46" 52" Long Gun Bag
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Prices correct at the time of publishing
07/24/2024 07:11 pm GMT

4. Tacticon BattleBag 36-Inch Double Rifle Bag

The Tacticon BattleBag is similar to the Savior Equipment American Classic and the Dulce Dom 36-Inch Double Rifle Bag.

It can house two rifles, two pistols, and all of your magazines securely.

Its advantages over the Dulce Dom are its lockable zippers, and it comes in a much longer 42-inch version.

Product Highlights

Each Tacticon BattleBag boasts high-quality 600D Condura nylon, oversized water-resistant zippers, and adjustable retention straps.

Moreover, you will find six AR/AK magazine holsters sewn into the interior.

For more versatility, you can take out its concealable backpack straps for it to double as a hiking pack.

Other than those features, everything else is pretty similar to the Savior Equipment American Classic.

The Good

The Tacticon BattleBag is a combat-veteran-owned company, which means you can trust that it has military-grade features.

It also boasts water and dust resistance when compared to the Savior Equipment American Classic.

The Bad

We would have enjoyed trying out a camouflaged version of the Tacticon BattleBag, like the one Savior Equipment offers.

However, it only comes in three color variations: tactical black, olive drab green, and this version, flat dark earth tan.


  • Water-resistant lining
  • Concealable backpack straps
  • Multiple compartments
  • With MOLLE gear attachments


  • Most expensive among the options
  • No camouflaged option
Veteran owned Company
Tacticon Double Rifle Bag | 2 Rifles + 2 Pistols, 36" x 12" Double Rifle Case...
Buy on Amazon
Prices correct at the time of publishing
07/24/2024 07:11 pm GMT

5. M and P by Smith and Wesson 34-Inch Duty Series Gun Case

For those looking for something shorter than 36 inches, this black M and P by Smith and Wesson Gun Case has a 34-inch internal length.

Product Highlights

This 34-Inch gun case has enough room for a single rifle, three magazine pouches, and two accessory pockets.

It features durable ballistic fabric, heavy-duty carrying handles, and an adjustable shoulder strap.

The Good

It only comes in one color, but it is available in two larger sizes.

The M and P Duty Series Gun Case is one of Smith and Wesson’s more compact soft gun cases.

While they offer larger rifle cases like the other merchandise here, this model is a more compact solution.

If you think a small bag is enough for your shooting hobby or hunting trips, then this is the soft rifle case for you.

The Bad

The unfortunate thing about this version of the M&P Gun Case is its small size.

You might want to go for the longer 40- or 45-inch version if you don’t want to dismantle everything from your AR-15.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ballistic fabric
  • Generous padding for maximum protection
  • Highly affordable


  • May be too small for an AR-15
  • Other soft cases have more storage
M&P by Smith & Wesson Duty Series Gun Case
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Prices correct at the time of publishing
02/18/2024 06:51 am GMT

Best AR 15 Soft Case Buyer’s Guide

Keeping your firearms safe while in storage and transit is the law in many states, but it is also a worthy endeavor.

Still, before buying stuff off the internet, you better equip yourself with some info about what to look for in a quality gun case.

The following list can help you choose the best soft rifle case for your AR-15.

1. Size

AR-15 rifles come in varying standard lengths, but custom rifles can be very long for mid-sized rifle bags.

Be sure that the rifle case you select fits the particular rifle you plan to purchase or already have.

If you plan to carry around more than one gun, inspect a case for all the compartments you need before buying it.

For more details on soft case sizing, check out the corresponding text in the following FAQs section.

2. Versatility

When it comes to a rifle bag, get something that offers variable carrying options.

A side handle or shoulder strap is pretty standard for most soft rifle cases, but having one with backpack straps makes it more versatile.

With a backpack system, you can free up both of your hands for more items, especially when you need to travel on foot.

3. Modularity

Some rifle cases can be as versatile as the modularity of their features.

You will find some cases with removable dividers and multiple compartments that work as convertible functional pockets.

It always pays to align your needs with how many magazines, extra ammo, scopes, and accessories you want to carry.

Buttstock and muzzle pockets also prove beneficial with guns that you can dismantle into smaller pieces.

4. Protective Enclosures

A rifle is rarely a cheap piece of hardware.

As such, it deserves all the protection it can get while in transit or storage.

Get something equipped with padding or foam lining throughout. Then, step it up even further with some insulation and waterproofing.

With high-quality padding, you can protect your gun from dents and scratches.

Finally, prepare a locking mechanism for your rifle case.

A locking mechanism can prevent curious kids and burglars from inadvertently handling your gun, and it does save lives.

5. Durability

The protective enclosures are enough to keep your rifle spic and span.

Still, the case itself should be durable enough that it doesn’t get ripped apart.

Look for a rifle case comprised of ripstop fabrics, such as Cordura, polyester, or any other ballistic nylon alternative.

Cheaper alternatives use vinyl or canvas, both having a certain level of durability for protecting your gun.

The problem is, they lack a high level of durability and abrasion resistance, which the materials previously mentioned possess.

You will also find rifle cases with military-grade straps and parachute threads.

6. Appearance

Some soft rifle cases use camouflage printed materials, making detection difficult for many woodland game and overhead fowl.

Other alternatives to camouflage prints include plain green and tan fabrics, which help you blend well into similarly colored environments.

On another note, choosing a gun case that isn’t shaped like a gun can prevent other people from getting curious.

AR 15 Soft Case FAQs

1. Should you keep your gun in a case?

It depends on what type of gun case you have.

The number one culprit that can ruin a good gun is rust, as many of its essential components are metals.

Keeping your gun in a case for extended periods is alright as long as it has the right mix of features to block moisture and abrasive particles.

Otherwise, it would be best if you also consider storing your gun in the right environment—one with constant temperature and humidity levels.

2. Are soft cases good for your AR 15?

Like any type of gun container, bag, or safe, a soft rifle case has its pros and cons.

Since a soft case is lightweight, it is perfect for gun transport.

Aside from being light, some soft rifle cases are waterproof, which means you can let them float behind you while you’re trailing a water body.

Another advantage is the soft, manageable fabric.

It allows silent handling, especially when you have to be stealthy while out hunting.

The primary downsides, however, include minimal impact resistance and access prevention.

3. What kind of rifle case should I get?

If you love guns and have the money to spend, it pays to have different gun cases for all purposes.

For home storage, the best thing for safety, security, and utility is a gun safe.

If you want to transport your rifle with security and impact protection, go for a hard rifle case.

However, for ease of use and portability, a soft case for your AR 15 is the better option.

Bear in mind that ready-made gun safes and hard cases are much more expensive than soft cases.

4. What size Soft Case should I get for my AR 15?

The size of the case should be contingent on the actual dimensions of your AR-15 rifle.

If you have done your research before purchasing your AR-15, you probably already know everything about rifle proportions.

For those new to owning an AR-15, you might want to learn about rifle cases while choosing your gun.

Barrel Length

When it comes to rifle sizes, the most common dimensions you will find are based on barrel length.

You will find AR-15 rifle barrels in lengths ranging from 7″ to 24 inches, with 16-inch barrels being the most common.

Most AR-15s with 16-inch barrels will fit a 36-inch rifle case.

However, aftermarket alterations to the muzzle and stock can make the gun shorter or longer.

Overall Length

It is perfectly normal to make assumptions for choosing a rifle case based on barrel length.

Still, you can avoid unnecessary expenditures by being sure.

It is always better to consider a rifle’s overall length (OAL) before purchasing one and a case for carrying it around.

You’ll need a tape measure to get this number. Measure from the tip of the muzzle to the flat edge of the buttstock.

5. Can I put a shotgun in a rifle case?

Hard case or soft case, as long as it fits, it sits.

Many long guns have easy-to-dismantle components, which means you can use smaller cases with multiple compartments.

Among the two types, the soft rifle case offers the most versatility.

In the end, no matter what rifle case you choose, be sure that it has sufficient space to accommodate the shotgun you have.

What Is the Best AR 15 Soft Case for Your Rifle?

Overall, the best AR 15 soft case is the Savior Equipment American Classic.

You will like that it has a locking mechanism, uses an ultra-durable material, and is versatile with its backpack straps.

Furthermore, it has a camouflage print and offers very spacious compartments for all your hardware.

If you don’t want the camouflage print to give off the bag’s contents, the same soft case comes in four other different color styles.

Otherwise, you might also want to check out the Tacticon BattleBag.

It offers excellent performance even in extreme conditions, as it is resistant to dust and water.

Stay Safe and Shoot Often
Stay Safe and Shoot Often

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