Looking for an easy change to your 1911 Pistol? Change your hand grips.

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You are only a few screws away from a whole new look for your 1911 pistol

If you change your 1911 handgrips you can change the look and feel of your pistol instantly. You can do it for looks, or for a better feeling handgrip, either way, it is a quick and easy change.

Take a look at some of the options on the market today.

You can pick from two types of grip for your 1911, one that goes around the front and sides, or just the side panels. If your pistol has only side panels, choose a set with front finger grips, and vice versa for front grips.

Hogue 45000 1911 Gov Rubber Grip

If your full-size 1911 has only ever worn the hard side grips, it is time to try a rubber front grip.

With a soft texture and front finger holders, this change will give your 1911 a new feel. This set of grips does not come with new screws. You can re-use your existing screws. Or pick up a fresh set if they are looking worn-out.

The finger holders work best if you have large hands. If your hands are smaller, the grips may not land in the correct place for your fingers. This is a big gun any way, but it is a big thing to consider.

Hogue LE Govt. Rubber Grip With Laser

If you like the feel of the rubber grip you may want to upgrade. This grip has a built-in side laser for quick targeting.

The same hand grip would apply if you have smaller hands.

Full size 1911 grip spacing is 3 1/16th” center to center on screw holes. This does not come with screws for the pistol but you can reuse yours.

The laser is triggered by your finger on the grip with a button. Crimson Trace has a laser that is triggered by just holding the gun, but this laser comes in at about half the price. Don’t forget to check your size, this will not fit a double stack and it is made for full-size 1911 models.

You will need two standard CR2032 3V batteries for the laser. Pick up a four-pack, then you are covered, adding batteries to any gun means at some point, they will die.

Cool Hand G10 Side Grips

These grips are made from G10. G10 is a hard non-slip phenolic material that is totally impervious to water, oil, solvent, and most common chemicals. This grip has an aggressive texture and a big scoop to the mag release button. Choose from lots of different colors and textures to give your 1911 some love.

This brand comes with new screws, orings, and a tool to tighten the Torx head. Look through the different patterns. It is cool looking when they machine the multi-layered G10 material.

Take note of the texture, this material has no give but they have rounded any sharp edges for comfort.

Cool Hand 1911 Patriotic Hand Grips with USA Flag

Side panel hand grips are a perfect place for some individualization. Go with any theme that you’re into, you are likely to find a grip design to match!

Show your patriotism with a nice American flag. Cool Hand includes new hardware so dress your pistol up for veterans day, the fourth of July, and anytime you want to feel extra patriotic.

This grip is hard, with no texture. The picture is at the back of the clear grip and there is a cut out for the magazine release.

Laser Carved Wooden Hand Grips

With laser engraving machines coming down in price, more and more of them are working overtime. The days of a true hand-carver are long gone, and the price reflects this. A laser-carved set of wooden grips is only around $50.

Again, these do not come with new screws, use yours or get a fresh set. The screws will cut into the wood a bit to help with retention.

If your 911 has been already modified and you want to give it back a stock look, wooden grips with a badge are still available.

Recover CC3H 1911 Grip & Rail System

Fully change the look of your full size 1911 with this hand grip and rail addition.

This will really change the look of your 1911 and will give you a lower rail for adding a flashlight or laser accessory.

The shell is made from a hard polymer material and will use your existing screws. They supply the other needed hardware. You can use the added Picatinny style bottom rail to add a flashlight or laser sight.

Remember to check that it will actually fit your 1911 pistol, full size, no double stacks, and check if it covers your particular 1911. The grip is going to be hard, with the small lines in your finger area. But what an instant total change!

You may worry about not being able to holster your “new” 1911 when you make this big change to your pistol. Don’t worry, Recover has a holster made to take the pistol with a front accessory.

Grip material

1911 Pistol hand grips are traditionally made of wood. Today pistol grips can be made from many synthetic materials: Glass-reinforced polymer, rubber, metal, carbon fiber, or a combination of materials. Even simulated mother of pearl handgrips.

If you like no give, and a hard grip, you are more open to new materials which can be hard. If you have spent years with a rubber grip with some give, you may not like the change to a hard grip.

Handgrip texture is a big thing to keep in mind. It may be difficult to look at a grip and imagine the feeling, but you can get some idea of the texture by the looks. Rounded low-profile shapes will not be as sharp, heavy raised lines may dig in. The thing to do would be to look closely at the image of the grip.

Natural materials are still available, and a good set of wooden grips will last a long time and wear in nicely. The look of wood can improve over time and you can’t replace that well-worn look.

Change your full-size 1911 hand grips today!

Go ahead and try a new look for your old gun. Get them as a gift for a friend or for yourself, it is fast and easy to change a handgrip and it does not have to be permanent. Who knows, you may not want to change your pistol back again.

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